GMail Got Blocked in the Islamic Republic of Iran!

Yeah you heard it right. Gmail got blocked in Iran (do I really need to make it clear by whom and why?!) in an attempt to force Iranian users to register for a governmental mail instead of their secure Gmail one. And it's not that much easy to register for this governmental mail either as you MUST fill in a form with all your details including name, address, ID card(s) numbers and so on and so forth in a case if you sent a blabla email (which is obviously monitored by [...]), then you could be easily traced and arrested. Then only God can help you if he could after all :-(

is the other website getting blocked in Iran in recent weeks.



Today, 22 June 2009 / 1 Tir 1388, got blocked in Iran too

So what's next???

Google Adds Persian to its Translation Tool

Although it is still in its alpha stage and is not perfect yet, it is indeed a Wowing news to see Google -forbidding Iranians to access some of its certain pages or downloading its products like Google Chrome and toolbar due to sanctions- is finally adding Persian to its translation tool too

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Google Translates Persian

One Sad Week

Today is exactly one week from the Election Day when Iranians rushed to cast their votes in a hope of some changes and a better future but the outcome result was so shockingly surprising that resulted in some peaceful where-is-my-vote protest. But it was turned into a sad scene of violent bloodshed when savage hardliners attacked the defenseless protesters with knives, clubs, chains, pepper sprays and guns and started slaughtering people on the street, in the campus and even in their own houses.

Now after one week, the SMS system is still down and GPRS network has joined it too. Internet services were almost cut down too in the first 4-5 days after the election results came out. Lots and lots of news sites and social networks are blocked during the past few days including YouTube, twitter, facebook, friendfeed and flickr. Even it was impossible to access email services for the past 2 days (I still have problem accessing my GMail and sometimes just manage to load it in its basic mode only). Yahoo messenger is the all time favorite messenger in Iran (I'm not into instant messaging though and have no idea how it works!) and people using it have reported that it's also gone dead as its ports are blocked by the ICT.

OK, I've talked too much. Since the "Big Brother" is watching us restlessly, I hope that I survive long enough to at least see the next morning!

Stupidity Has No Boundaries

and that's when the stone-minded authorities of Iran suddenly decide to have the whole blogger images BLOCKED just because of one pic not being favored by them!!!

and below is the very ugly page you see when you click on an uploaded-to-blogger image like this one:


Edit: it is finally solved.

Kayaker Being Trailed by a Great White Shark!

This photo is rather old (2006) but still interesting to look at and no it is not fake :

This photograph by Thomas P. Peschak is genuine and was taken from a September 2005 Africa Geographic article titled "Shark Detectives," about researchers studying Great White sharks off the coast of South Africa. As the article described the circumstances under which this picture was snapped:

Sitting in a 3.8-metre sea kayak and watching a four-metre great white approach you is a fairly tense experience. Although we had extensively tested the sharks' reactions to an empty kayak and had observed no signs of aggression, this gave us little comfort as we eyed a great white heading straight for us, albeit slowly. Just a metre or so from the craft it veered off, circled and slowly approached from behind. It did this several times, occasionally lifting its head out of the water to get a better look. Then it lost interest, and as it continued on its way we were able to follow a short distance behind. Once we'd come to terms with having nothing between ourselves and a four-metre shark except a thin layer of plastic, our kayak made an ideal research platform for observing great white behaviour in shallow water. Its advantages are twofold: it is inconspicuous and appears not to cause the sharks to alter their behaviour for long, and it allows us to watch them in a natural situation, as it is not necessary to attract them to us with food.

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