Arash-e Kamangir (Arash the Archer)

Arash was a mythological and legendary Persian archer who put his soul into his arrow to save his country.

The legend is that at the time of King Manuchehr the Righteous, a bloody war occurred between Iranians and Turanians. Afrasiab of Turan managed to surround the Iranian army hence forcing them to resign. Soon both sides agree to make peace but Turanians offered a strange sort of peace treaty that whatever land falls within the range of a bow-shot shall be returned to the Iranians, and the rest should then fall to the Turanians. Since there was no choice for Manuchehr, he agreed to it.

Arash the Archer was the only person capable of fulfilling this heavy burden. An angle (Amesha Spenta / Ameretat) known as Sepandarmaz (Spandarmaz /Esfandaramad) gave an special bow and arrow to him and there he went. On 13th day of Tir, Arash climbed the Alborz Mountains, stood on its highest peak Damavand, put his soul into his arrow and fired it towards Turan with all his might, then collapsed and died. The arrow traveled from dawn till noon over an unimaginably great distance till finally landed somewhere near Amu Darya (Oxus River) and marked the border between Iran and Turan. That was a joyful moment for the Iranians as they even gained more lands than before ;-) The event which was coincided with the pouring of the rain is ever since celebrated as Jashn-e Tiragan or Tirgan.

Arash the Archer sacrificed his life for his country and became a legend whose name and memory's still alive.